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If you have entered this website, perhaps it is because you are looking for a lawyer in Palma de Mallorca either because you are considering buying or selling a property, renting, want to sue for defects in construction, have problems in the community of owners, debt claims or are looking for a property administrator. Whatever your civil law problem is, we will try to give you the best solution.
Our law firm is located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. An office that prioritises good work and customer service so that you feel accompanied at all times. Feel free to ask any legal questions or request a quote

Real estate and urban planning

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property we can give you the advice you need. We will take care of everything and give you the support you need in every step.


Property Administration

The horizontal property regulates the properties in which a private part and a part in co-ownership come together, whether they are communities that meet the requirements…


Litigation: Civil Procedure

Have you been sued, or do you want to file a lawsuit?

We will defend your interests in court in any legal proceedings.


Property management

Our firm is dedicated to the integral management of communities of owners.

Our services are designed to offer efficient and personalised solutions to the needs of each community of owners, with the aim of maximising their value and minimising costs.

We take care of the maintenance of the facilities, coordination of works, ensuring that community regulations are complied with, conflict resolution, management of bank accounts, we carry out detailed forecasts of expenses and income and we look for solutions to improve the balance sheets.

We take care of everything so that owners can enjoy their property without worries

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Our aim is transparency and proximity.
TRANSPARENCY  because we like to keep the owners informed of every change that takes place in the community and because we like them to know at all times how the money from the monthly fees is being used.
PROXIMITY because we provide open communication by whatsapp or email so that owners can make suggestions or communicate any conflicts that may arise.
If you are looking for an efficient, professional and personalised property management service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Si está buscando un servicio de administración de fincas eficiente, profesional y personalizado, no dude en contactar con nosotros


We believe that in order to provide comprehensive quality advice in all areas it is essential to collaborate with other trusted professionals such as surveyors, architectural firms, sworn translators, tax consultants…

We are therefore proud to have forged a close relationship with a wide range of highly qualified professionals, and to be able to cover all our clients’ needs.

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