How many metres can I build on rustic land in Mallorca?

Both in the media and in the public debates of certain political parties, suggestions have constantly been made regarding the restriction of the construction of single-family dwellings on rural land in Mallorca. And it was precisely with the aim of focusing urban development activity on the conservation, recovery and rehabilitation of the environmental and urban heritage that Decree-Law 9/2020, of 25 May, on urgent measures for the protection of the territory of the Balearic Islands, was enacted.

This decree, among other things, comes to limit the percentage of buildability considerably. It does so with the aim of preventing, as it explains in its explanatory memorandum, the proliferation of the construction of properties disproportionate to the needs of family housing, trying to prevent this massive construction from being focused on holiday rentals. In this way, it says, the building parameters are adjusted so that they are in accordance with reasonable figures for the use of private housing, which are now as follows:

a) Maximum buildable area, expressed in square metres of ceiling, which may not exceed the following percentages of the plot:

-In the Natura 2000 Network and protected rural land that is a Rural Area of Landscape Interest (SRP-ARIP): 1%.
-In the rest of categories of rural land: 1.5%.

b) The maximum percentage of the plot that can be occupied for building and other constructive elements is:

-In the Natura 2000 Network and SRP-ARIP: 1%.
-In the rest of categories of rural land: 1.5%.

c) Maximum volume of the whole building, in any category of rural land 900 cubic metres.

However, the territorial or urban planning may set more restrictive parameters than the above.

If you want to know the minimum plot, click on the following article.



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