If you want to file a lawsuit or have been sued in the Balearic Islands, we will be happy to defend your interests. Civil law deals with the private relations not only of individual persons but also between companies. It includes the civil status of individuals, their family rights and duties, property, obligations and contracts and inheritance and succession, among other things.
At Puigserver Abogados we are specialised in:
  • Civil court claims
  • Claims for all types of debts
  • Defects in construction: Hidden defects, construction defects
  • Breach of contract
  • Termination or nullity of contracts
  • Conflicts in the community of owners
  • Evictions due to non-payment of rent or similar amounts, expiry of the contractual term, without contract, squatting…
  • Inheritances and donations
  • Claim actions, boundary delimitation, easements…
  • Voluntary Jurisdiction 

Do you need to file a lawsuit?

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